Episode 255 – Declutter with Feng Shui with guest Maria Green

Today’s guest is Feng Shui Master Maria Green. Maria lived in “a flat from hell” and this triggered her interest in how our spaces and surroundings affect us and set her on the path to the study of Feng Shui. In today’s podcast we are going to delve into what Feng Shui is and isn’t and how it can help you declutter your home.

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Maria Green from Dynamic Spaces has shared some fantastic ideas about how Feng Shui can affect your clutter.

How Feng Shui can affect your clutter

Since Feng Shui came to popularity in the early 1990s much has been written but most of what has been published bears little relation to the traditional Feng Shui that was kept secret for thousands of years in the Imperial Courts of China.

At its heart, real Feng Shui is about balancing the energy around us so that we benefit from the good and control the impact of unsupportive energy.

One of the key points of good Feng Shui is having a space that feels comfortable and calm. It should make life feel easier and more supportive. It’s about more than where you place your furniture!

Our homes are very personal to us: what one person feels is comfortable might be unbearable to someone else. But Feng Shui is less to do with personal taste and more about how we connect with the energy of a home. Sometimes you feel really comfortable as soon as you enter a house and other times you can’t wait to leave.

It’s also worth noting that Feng Shui has nothing to do with minimalism. Empty spaces aren’t good for the energy either as they can be too sterile.
To feel calm and in control of your space, you need enough room for the energy to enter your home and flow easily around it.

If your home doesn’t feel comfortable because you feel that it’s too cluttered where do you start?

It can be a bit of a chicken and egg situation.

I often see clients whose homes don’t have supportive energy. We often perceive this lack of support without realising it. It can cause us to hold on to “stuff” to make up for this lack or because we know there isn’t enough energy in the house to support us.

Conversely you might have accumulated possessions over time, from house moves, combining homes or inherited items etc so your home has become “fuller”. If there’s no room for the energy to circulate, then energy won’t be able to flow around your house and benefit you.

If you understand that “energy” affects health, relationships, money, opportunities, good luck and any serendipity that makes life easier, you can see why you want to make the most of it in your home.

Other times the energy of a room isn’t balanced which makes it difficult to control. This can cause you to feel overwhelmed or unmotivated to spend time in a space so it becomes cluttered and a source of stress.

Having good Feng Shui can help you feel in control of the energy of your home, rather than in a battle with its contents.

Traditional Feng Shui

Traditional Feng Shui is very detailed and specific to each individual property and its occupants, but there are some simple points that are effective for every home:

• Your front door is the mouth of the building. Make sure that it is clear and light and there are no shoes visible. This allows in the freshest energy to your home.

• If you can see through your home from the front door to the back of the property or to the WC, then your home isn’t holding on to the energy. You may be holding on to things because you don’t feel that your home is supporting you.

• Hard to negotiate spaces like narrow hallways full of furniture or possessions stop the energy circulating.

• The door to any room needs to open fully, so that you (and the energy) can get in easily. Don’t have anything behind the door that stops it opening. Also don’t have lots of furniture in front of the doorway, as this blocks energy getting in too.

• Get rid of items that are broken or that you don’t use. (These are negative, old energy and hold you back.)

• Rubbish impedes the flow of good energy. Keep bins away from the door. Light, fresh spaces encourage stronger energy.

• The key areas in a home start with the head male and female energy – the mother and father. Within a home, the southwest relates to the female. If this area is cluttered or is in the bathroom, you won’t be benefitting from the energy. This area can cause you greater stress than any other. If you can keep it looking tidy and add some attractive plants, then you should feel the benefit. The northwest is the lead male position. This is the strongest energy in a home, so it worth looking after. You should also consider the north position for a woman’s support from outside the home and the south for a man’s support outside. Check where your rubbish bins and
compost heap are located.

• Clearing clutter is fundamental to the energy of a space. If a home is too full, especially when things don’t have a specific place, then there is no room for any more energy to come in. Then you’re stuck with the same old energy you’ve had for ages. This can make things feel stagnant and it’s easy to become exhausted. Get rid of things you no longer need, is a great way to give the energy a boost. You know the buzz you get once you’ve done a clear up? That’s fresh energy! It can be addictive.

So much is said about the amount of stuff we have but with Feng Shui it’s making space for good energy to help you live the life you want.

Wishing you good Feng Shui!

For more tips and hints about Feng Shui, visit Dynamic Spaces Blog Page.

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