Episode 146 – 10 things to declutter from your bathroom

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In this episode, we are talking about 10 categories of items you can easily declutter from your bathroom that make a big difference. How often do you really use those testers from magazines?

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Show Summary

  • We run through 10 categories of items that can eaily be decluttered from your bathroom to create a more organised space.
  • Empty loo / toilet rolls
  • Out of date medication
  • Multiple bathrobes
  • Unused bath sets
  • End of a bar of soap
  • Old nail files & clippers that don’t work
  • Manky sponges

  • Kids bath toys

  • Testers from magazines

  • Candles that are decorative and full of dust

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  • Anna Stiscia says:

    Not sure how you spell it, but had to laugh at the reference to manky (or is it mankey?) sponges … it really does describe things past their sell-by date!

  • Glad you enjoyed it Jenny. Thanks for listening!

  • Jenny Hopkins says:

    Great podcast, really enjoyed this one

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