box of sentimental items

Are your Mementos Manageable?

Imagine the scene – your birthday comes round, and you are so happy to have had lots of lovely cards sent to you. They sit on your mantelpiece, you truly enjoy looking at them, and then a couple of weeks down the line, it’s time to take them down. So you bundle them together and […]

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Group of bulky items that have been decluttered

5 Decluttering tasks that have a big impact!

Here are 5 decluttering tasks that will have a big impact in your home. They are big, bulky, or voluminous items so are going to create that space that we need to have some clarity in our minds before tackling a big project. Working through your home methodically and systematically is the goal but sometimes you […]

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woman thinking about decluttering after someone has died

Decluttering after someone dies

When we have lost a partner, parent, child, or friend, grief overwhelms us so much that it is hard to make the simplest of decisions. For some, busying ourselves with the practical things that need to happen when a loved one has passed can be a distraction, a way to focus on something other than the […]

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Woman with handbags

Curb your clutter one decision at a time

We’ve all been there.  We tackled a room that was packed with clutter that we didn’t need. We have no clue where all that stuff came from in the first place. But now, it’s all sorted, the things we no longer want have been donated and we are feeling the calm instead of the chaos. […]

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Sarah Bickers ADHD and clutter expert smiles

How to get tidier with ADHD – a guest blog by Sarah Bickers

Sarah Bickers, our guest blogger, is a Professional Organiser based in South East London who has a particular interest in helping people who have always been disorganised. She often works with clients with ADHD to help create systems which work for them and reduce their overwhelm.Having ADHD may have landed you the label of being […]

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Claire Birnie, project 3000, in a white top smiling

Project 3000 – a guest blog by Claire Birnie

Claire Birnie is an Edinburgh based Professional Organiser who undertook Project 3000 back in 2018. Claire set herself the challenge of getting rid of 3000 items in a year. Here she explains all.  The Problem There is a trap that many of us fall into in the modern world. We have been taught to associate […]

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Rivka Caroline next to the APDO banner

From Frazzled to Focused – a guest blog by Rivka Caroline

Rivka Caroline is a Miami-based Professional Organiser and Mum to 7 (yes 7!) children. She is a big believer that it is so much easier being organised than disorganised when parenting. Rivka explains the highlights of what she has learnt in decades of parenting. In my opinion, having a family is a fabulous long term investment, however […]

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