Private Coaching

Do you want a private coaching call with Lesley or Ingrid?

Within the Declutter Hub we aim to give you tips and inspiration to inspire you and keep you motivated but maybe you just feel like a personal chat with one of us is what you need to get you started or spur you on to finish.

Well, you can book a call with us below and then we will email you to work out a suitable time. We will host the call on Zoom. Don't worry it's as easy as anything and we will explain everything before the call.

It's great to see each other face to face and you can then show us areas of your home and we can give you specific information to help you with any aspect of decluttering and organising your home -  understanding your emotions, setting an action plan, deciding on storage or organising solutions.

Payment details are listed below.

Have a look at the FAQs and if you are ready to book, you can make payment below and we will forward all the details you need.

Why is a coaching call a good investment?

How much does a coaching call cost?

I've never used Zoom before - is that going to be a problem?

I would prefer not to use video calling

How will we arrange the best time?

Can I book you to work at my house with me?

Please enter your payment details below to book a call. Once you have made payment you will receive emails from us with details on how we will arrange the call.