Episode 154 – Preparing kids’ stuff for Uni

Episode 166 – Highly Sensitive People with Guest Clare Kumar
Episode 165 – 10 things to declutter from your Christmas boxes

Have you got a child about to leave for University? Things need to be done to prepare for the transition from home to a dorm room or hall of residence. Lesley’s youngest son, Nathan is about to leave so she shares her experiences of the best way to manage the ‘stuff’.

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Show Summary

  • It’s useful to do a thorough declutter of their clothes, shoes and stationery before they leave.

  • Write an inventory of anything additional they might need.

  • Pay special attention to their school notes and school books to see whether it is sensible to keep them long term

  • Ensure they have extra hangers for when they move between locations with their clothes.

  • In a student bedroom, containerisation is key

  • Additional storage may be required for shoes and toiletries

  • Liaise with their flatmates so there is not an excess of kitchen items

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