Episode 124 – Guest Caroline Rogers explains positive psychology

Caroline Rogers, positve psychology expert

In today's episode, Ingrid is speaking to Caroline Rogers. Caroline set up Room to Think in 2013.  As part of an MSC in applied positive psychology and coaching psychology, she focused her research on the association between clutter and wellbeing. Alongside professional organising, Caroline also has a coaching practice. The learning and reflection within both practices feed and support each other.

In this weeks podcast Ingrid is chatting to Guest Caroline Rogers about positive psychology

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Show summary

  • Caroline explains what positive psychology is and why does it interests her so much.
  • We talk about the meaning of possessions and how knowing about this can help us decide what to keep and how to let stuff go.
  • We discuss the ways in which is it useful to take a positive psychology approach when getting to grips with our possessions.
  • Caroline explains what self-compassion is, and how it can help when dealing with our stuff.
  • She explains the difference between self-compassion and self-care.
  • Caroline gives an insight into the tools and models she uses when working with Professional Organising clients.
  • Caroline advises on some apps which might be useful for you.

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  • Elizabeth Merza says:

    Have just listened to this podcast and found it very enjoyable (like listening to 2 friends chatting) and insightful. The idea of things we own somehow having something of us in them came to me this week during the A-Z challenge. It’s good to think about why we find it difficult to let things go because sometimes even just taking a moment to realize why, can make it easier to let go. And I really like the advice to do someone a good turn if you’re having a bad day. I’ll remember that!

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