Podcast 184 – Is there a one size fits all solution?

Is there a one size fits all solution when it comes to your decluttering journey? We think not and in this podcast we are going to talk about why.

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Show Summary

  • Every person and home is individual so how can everyone’s decluttering journey be the same?

  • We have different sizes of homes

  • We have different family set ups

  • We come from diverse backgrounds and different factors have influenced us along the way.

  • Our feelings and connection to stuff changes as we go through life

  • Our tolerance of clutter may be different to the next person

  • Our financial situation may lead us down a certain path

  • Whilst we have all good intentions to decluttering a certain way, our bodies or minds may not allow

  • Our timescale may need to be expedited

  • There are however common elements that bind everyone on a decluttering journey together

  • Overwhelm

  • Kindness

  • Community

  • Structure

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