Podcast 186 – Declutter Hub member Penelope shares her journey

It’s fair to say that Penelope has thrown herself into her decluttering journey with gusto. So much so that her  husband has joked that her hobby is decluttering and organising. So in this podcast we are going to chat to Penelope and understand why decluttering has become such a key focus in her life and how it’s helped her.

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Show Summary

  • How the Roadmap helped change the way Penelope tackled her decluttering.

  • Understanding the emotional connection to clutter has played a large part in her journey.

  • How does having a simpler home affect your wellbeing?

  • How did you manage to overcome your yearning for perfectionism?

  • How much time did Penelope devote to decluttering and organising?

  • What’s the key learning been for Penelope?

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