Podcast 170 – Looking back on 2021

Sometimes it can be easy to forget what we’ve achieved. We’re all about sharing the wins and you have all been there this year through challenges, masterclasses, podcasts and in our membership so let’s jog your memories with all that we’ve done and what you’ve achieved.

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Show Summary

  • Most downloaded episode was Keeping Up Momentum

  • Followed closely by 10 decluttering projects you can do in less than an hour

  • And Busting those Decluttering Myths was popular too

  • 2021 was an unsettling year for many people as COVID continued to test us

  • Hybrid working became more popular

  • The Reset Your Home challenge provided an opportunity for decluttering wins

  • The Sorting out Sentimental and Purge Your Paperwork masterclasses allowed people to drill down on decluttering projects

  • We were delighted to be asked to present to our peers at The National Association of Productivity Organizing Professionals (NAPO) Podcast and Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) conference

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