Episode 157 – Decluttering CD’s and DVD’s

cds and dvds

CDs and DVDs - we have hundreds, sometimes thousands of them in our homes. Is it time to let them go? Today’s great debate is what’s more important - the space or the stuff?

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Show Summary

  • CDs and DVD are outdated technology and have been superseded by streaming

  • Sentimental attachment to CD's and DVD's is high 

  • We need to determine whether we want the space or the stuff

  • If we decide to keep them, decide first whether you play them

  • Ensure they are accessible if you play them

  • Decide how to categorise them 

  • Archive them in a suitable storage area if you no longer play them

  • Decide whether you want to invest time trying to sell them

  • Ensure your local charity shop will accept them

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