Podcast 185 – 10 things to declutter from your living room

Living room, front room, family room, sitting room, den, TV room, lounge - so many different names for what is essentially the same thing. That place to kick back and chill after a busy day. We spend so much time in there so it’s important that it functions well. But sometimes it can become a catch all for lots of random bits and bobs. In this podcast we are chatting through 10 things you can declutter from your living room today!

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Show Summary

  • Old magazines and newspapers

  • Dead plants and flowers

  • Random coins

  • Shoes and socks on the floor

  • Old remote controls & electricals

  • Tatty cushions

  • Dead batteries and lightbulbs

  • Random paperwork

  • Things from your mantlepiece

  • Library books

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