Paperwork is the bane of 21st Century life!

Even in the most tidy and organised of homes, there is one thing that more often than not causes problems and that is paper.

It flows through the door of our homes via the postman, school bags, newspapers, fliers or in work bags. And where does it find its home? In the hallway, kitchen surfaces, bedroom, living room – in short, lots of places where it is never going to be dealt with and leaves you with lots of clutter, depressing you each time you see it building up and up.

So how do you keep that paper under control, you ask?

The key to paperwork is dealing with it initially as soon as it comes through the door and then revisiting it on a regular basis.

So, pick that post up from behind the door, get your recycling bin at the ready and get rid of:

  • Adverts and Mailings - it's never hard to find stuff to buy!
  • Envelopes - up and down the land people LOVE to keep envelopes for no practical reason
  • Terms and Conditions - they are sent by companies because they are legally obliged. Read them if you want to and then recycle
  • Duplicate bank statements - commit to paperless if you are using an app or are online
  • Letters sent for info only - read through, note any important dates and then recycle
  • Charity request letters -unless you regularly choose to increase your donations
  • Take away menus -  keep only those you regularly use. We are creatures of habit!
  • Any information that is online - we tend to use search engines to find info these days

You will have got rid of at least 75% of the paper and everything that is left is needed until actioned or filed.


Lesley says

Try to deal with paperwork once a week

Go through your intray - action first, shred second, file third.

For most people who cite paper as their worst clutter nightmare, it is more about changing habits than anything else.

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