Why choosing the right hangers can be a game changer

Hangers – I bet you’ve never given them a second thought. They are just there, they just exist functionally to hang your clothes in your wardrobe or closet. It’s not the number one thing on your agenda, what’s the big deal?

If you are not 100% happy with your wardrobe, if you struggle to manoeuvre things around because you don’t have much space, or if your wardrobe always looks plain old messy, your coat hangers may just be the culprit.

Where Do We Get Our Hangers From?

I’m going to wager that you have a mish-mash of hangers that you have amassed over the years. But where does this mishmash come from?

Well, first things first, they come from shops. You struggle to say no when you buy something new. It’s free so why not take it, right? You get a hanger or 5 every time you pick up dry cleaning and that mounts up.

You might have inherited them from your parents or grandparents, and they have almost become heirlooms (or they might just be very old hangers!). And then there was that time that you ran out and had to go searching in your daughter’s wardrobe and so there are a few children’s size hangers with a blouse precariously hanging off them.

There are the ones that you saw on TV that promised to revolutionize your hanging space by being multi-tiered. I could go on and on.

When Hangers Become a Problem

In my 11 years as a Professional Organiser I have seen a hanger collection or two and the hanger mish mashes I’ve just mentioned have one thing in common – they don’t do your clothes or your wardrobe any favours.

Some are too small and your clothes slip off and end up on the floor so you have to wash them or iron them again. Some are too big and create weird indents in the sleeves of shirts and blouses. Some snap easily and you get snags where you don’t need them.

Some are too big for your wardrobe so you can’t easily move the clothes around to see them. And don’t get me started on kids’ hangers used for adult clothes and vice versa.

Simple Solution? You Bet!

Hangers can be a problem, that’s for sure and there’s an easy solution that can be an absolute game changer. Use a uniform style of hanger. One type will work for 90% your clothes. My absolute favourite is the velvet or flock hanger.

I have been revolutionising clients’ wardrobes with them for years. Why do I love them so much? The biggest benefit is that they are space saving. You just won’t believe how much space you create just by using a thinner hanger.

As well as that, they are non-slip so you avoid the issue of clothes ending up as a floordrobe. The clothes stay put – it’s as simple as that. And finally, they look good, they are aesthetically pleasing and your wardrobe immediately looks neater, tidier and organised. They even come in lots of different colours. They win the hanger competition on so many levels.

There are a few things that don’t work well on velvet/flock hangers – coats, suits, silks and woolens. For these a wooden hanger works well but you will need the space to house them.

Proceed with Budget Caution

Now, to do a hanger swap over of all your clothes can be a big and costly job so if budget is an issue, think about doing it in stages. Buy a pack of 50 and swap out all your tops first, then trousers next and so on.

And one final tip. However many hangers you think you need, double it or better still, take the time to do a big declutter and count EXACTLY how many clothes you have left.

Do you have velvet hangers that you love? Is your wardrobe in a pickle? Have you got a hanger that has been passed down through the generations?

This article was first published on Sixty and Me on 4th May 2021. It can be found here.

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