5 top tips for curbing your paper mountain

chaotic paper mountain and bank statements

80% of the paper that finds it's way through our doors hasn't been asked for. Paperwork is a huge contributor to clutter problems in the home. We want to share with you our top tips on how to reduce and deal with the amount that comes in, so it’s easier to sort out what is important.

Use a No Junk Mail sticker

Put a “No Junk Mail” sticker on your letterbox. Order a sticker online, use a labeller to create one or just write it on a white sticker and put it on your letterbox. Just controlling the amount that lands on your doormat will help you gain control of your paperwork.


Unsubscribe from magazines and papers that you never read. If you find yourself constantly recycling a magazine without even taking the plastic off or if you have a year’s subscription in your to read box, it’s time to unsubscribe and save some money as well.

Shop online and not from a catalogue

Stop the clothes catalogues coming in by looking online. How often do you really use a paper catalogue instead of searching online? This will reduce the paper coming in and it’s better for the environment.

Take photos of leaflets

Resist picking up every leaflet, folder or paper you come across during the day. If you see something that interests you quickly scan the leaflet there and check if it's worthwhile. If not put it back and don’t bring it home with you. You can also take a photo of the leaflet with the website details so you can check it out later when you get home.

Recycle or shred every day

The post that comes through the door needs to be looked at the same day. The second task is to decide if the paper needs to be recycled , shredded, filed  or it needs action . 

  • Is it Junk Mail? Recycle it 
  • Does it have an address on it? Shred it
  • If it needs to be filed or actioned, put it in your intray

If it's a quick action, do it NOW!

When it's a quick action, for example, signing a form for your child to go on a trip, do that right away.

Schedule time weekly to action your actions!

If it involves a phone call, filling in a form or do some research put it in a “To Do” file and make time that week to do those tasks. After the task is done again ask yourself if this piece of paper now can be recycled, shredded or needs to be filed away.

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