Do you get enquiries from potential clients that lead nowhere due to the cost of your one-to-one help?

Take a look at our Affiliate programme  

HERE's how it works

  • Register to become an affiliate
  • Get your unique affiliate link to promote the Declutter Hub 
  • Connect your Paypal Account
  • Track your sales through your affiliate dashboard
  • Receive a 20% commission on sales today and any recurring sales
  • Be happy that you found a solution for someone struggling with clutter AND made some revenue for your business


On the left side a photo of two women, Lesley and Ingrid at a lap top and on the right some text information about the Declutter Hub Membership

The Declutter Hub Membership

Our membership provides a cost effective alternative to those who can't afford your one to one service.

A graphic image of Ingrid & Lesley with others working on the Prosper Programme

The Prosper Programme for Professional Organisers

If you know any fellow Professional Organisers who could benefit from personal advice on launching, growing or scaling a PO business, let them know about our programme.

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