Do you want an organised, manageable wardrobe? Well, we can help!

We are Lesley and Ingrid and are on a mission to get your wardrobes under control once and for all!

Is your wardrobe driving you crazy?

  • You have lots of clothes but nothing to wear.
  • You struggle to get things in and out as it's bulging at the seams. 
  • You keep buying things over and over because you forget what you have.
  • You find it so hard to part with things that you love.
  • Decluttering seems like a bit of a minefield - you get started but never ever finish.
  • You just want a kickstart into decluttering and your wardrobe seems a good place to start!

If this is you, it sounds like you are suffering with clutter overwhelm....and the good news is it can be sorted!

This could be your very own Before and After

Let Lesley and Ingrid help you get sorted in just 6 steps!


Prepare for Success


Maximise the Space


Challenge Emotions


Declutter Efficiently


Organise for You


Finish and Enjoy

Let's do this together!

A graphic of an organised wardrobe

For just $29 you will have access to..

A beautiful wardrobe

It's only 6 steps away and yours for the taking!

3 Checklists

Checklists to keep you on track with your project


Videos of 20-30 minutes each to give you all the tools you need to succeed.

5 Workbooks 

We delve deep into a step by step process so you can achieve decluttering success.

I am loving my new wardrobe!

Why is it that an hour online at work feels like a lifetime but with Ingrid and Lesley it goes by in a flash? These ladies know their stuff and care deeply about helping you declutter. My wardrobe has been a complete mess for donkey's years, and now it's a pleasure to walk into my bedroom. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course for?

You will have lifetime access via your user name and password.

I'm not very technical, do I need to download anything?

All the videos are super easy to work with and we are always on hand if you have any issues.


I have some questions. Who do I contact?

You can get in touch with us via